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November 29, 2019


It is possible to prevent users from submitting local batch analysis jobs on a Columbus+ server?


If Columbus has been configured for cluster analysis then users will have the option to either submit batch analysis jobs locally on the Columbus server or to the cluster environment. By modifying one of the Columbus procedure files its possible to disable the local analysis option, meaning users are forced to submit all batch analysis jobs to the cluster.

The following information is valid for Columbus version 2.9.0 and may differ in future versions.

The following change must be made:


Change line 429 from...

analysisServerOptions = vec(COMPUTE_ON_LOCAL_SERVER);


analysisServerOptions = vec();


No Columbus service restart is required.


Note: The user interface expects at least one batch analysis option to be available, hence Columbus must be configured for cluster analysis before disabling the local analysis, otherwise the user interface will throw errors. 

Warning: It is recommended to make a backup of the nav_batch.proc file before modifying. Any modifications will be overwritten during the next Columbus update.

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