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January 10, 2020


Error observed during ‘export to msword’ and ‘print’. But ‘sign and close’ and ‘export to pdf’ works fine ----------------------------------------------------------- TASKS: System Administrator – Tasks ----------------------------------------------------------- ABC-001 docx: Export to MS Word Sorry, while exporting the selected information: Incomplete file type and file extension ------------- Cancel Applicable Version: E-Notebook 13.9.x


Cause: When the default ‘save’ file format is different from what is expected. Ex: If the machine has OpenDocument Text(.odt) application along with MS Word, then this issue can occur. Solution: 1) Open MS word document, navigate to -- > File -- > options 2) In ‘word options’ window, click ‘save’. 3) Change the ‘Save files in this format’ from “opendocument text(*.odt)’ to ‘Word Document (*.docx)’ 4) Then ‘ok’ and then “yes” in the default option dialog. If you still need assistance, contact support at

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