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May 01, 2020


Converting Image data from Project to Screen mode.


  • In Columbus's Project mode
  • Select the Image Analysis view.
  • Targeting the folder of images you want to convert, select one of the images in Data Tree.
  • Load the Analysis from disk choosing either:
  • Enter the details in the script's General tab to include the mandatory fields:
    • User Name for Columbus
    • Password for Columbus
    • Hostname for Columbus (default being localhost)
  • Click the Green arrow to Apply/Run the script
  • At this point the you should see a message 'Conversion Finished ...' in the Results tab/table at the bottom
  • Before switching to the Screen mode clear the Analysis by selecting the New Analysis button followed by Apply
    • The reason for this is to avoid a rather lengthy error of the form 'Script could not be run because of errors.' This can result if the script is still loaded when switching to the Screen mode.
  • Switch to the Screen mode to view the converted data.
  • To cross reference the original file name to the corresponding well ID select the Plate Barcode level in the Data Tree and view the comments in the Plate Info table.

If you require further orientation with images please download a takeaway pdf guide here.




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