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May 12, 2020


ChemDraw displays incorrect orientation for CF3 Groups (CF3 Groups always from left to right). I don't have this issue with other halogens. How to fix the problem?


Assuming you have v19.0 or below; this issue is already fixed in our v19.1 update.

Actually ChemDraw structures with CF3 groups shows incorrect orientation because the CF3 group is present in the nickname.

If you are using v19.0 or below, you will get the correct orientation once you remove the CF3 group from the nickname list.

Steps to remove CF3 from the Nickname list:
Open ChemDraw then select "List Nicknames" from the File menu
It will open the List Nicknames dialog box, move the scroll bar and select the CF3 nickname and click the "Delete" button
Reopen ChemDraw and retest the problem.

We recommend to upgrade to v19.1 (if you have access) and retest the problem.

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