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September 11, 2020


Can I generate field level results in Columbus?


Columbus can generate both per Well and per Object results, however field level results are not generated. In order to produce Field level results, Object results can be aggregated to the Field level using some downstream application, such as Spotfire.


When Object results are generated, Columbus reports which field the object comes from, so the Field column can be used to perform the aggregation, i.e. to sum the object count from field 1, or average the object area from field 2, etc.


Image analysis scripts do not generate Object results by default, it must be specified via the Define Results building block:


- In the Define Results building block, click on Object Results and specify to save ALL for the population of interest.



All object properties which are calculated by the building blocks (e.g. Calculate Intensity Properties, Calculate Morphology Properties) are saved to the database.


- Save the analysis script.

- Run a Batch Analysis


To access the Object level results they must first be exported (or published for direct access from Spotfire). Select the Export option from the Columbus home page, navigate to the data set of interest and choose to export the results as .txt. This will create, by default, one txt file per well containing the object level data, and one txt file which contains the well averages. Alternatively, use the Columbus Navigator tool within Spotfire to import the published Object/Cell level results file.



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