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November 18, 2020


How Can I Create a Collection Type from an Existing Collection Type


To create a collection type using an existing collection type: 1-Log in to E-Notebook as Administrator. 2-In the left pane, select the collection type that you want to use to create new collection type. 3-On the Data ribbon, on the top of the window, click Export XML. 4-The Export Collection Type dialog box appears. 5-Save the .xml file to a desired location. 6-In the left pane of the E-Notebook application, select the User collection, and then click Import XML in the E-Notebook Data ribbon, on the top of the window. The Import dialog box appears. 7-In the Import dialog box, select the XML file that you want to import. Notice that the collection has been created from the existing collection type at the specified location.

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