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November 20, 2020


The folder 'Signals Data Import App' (or the folder name you have specified) does not exist when trying to use Data Import App from Signals Screening Apps


If you do not add a Library Folder to the Signals App > Data Import group Preference in Administration Manager. You will encounter the following Alert on attempting to Add data:

The folder 'Signals Data Import App' does not exist on the server.


To avoid the error please follow the Signals Screening install instructions and insure you have setup a library folder and add it to the appropriate group/s preference that you plan on using with Signals Screening users.

A similar error may also ensue if the folder has been specified in the Data Import group preference but something is wrong in the setup. For instance here I set Data Import to 'Signals Screening Metadata' then attempt to Add data through Data Import App:


Possible causes:

The folder has not actually been created in the Spotfire Library.

The user in question does not have Browse + Access + Modify permission to the folder.

There is a problem in the naming of the Library Folder used in Signals App > Data Import group Preference, for instance:

Do not use quotation marks in specifying the path.

Do not include the 'Library' folder at the start of the path.

Spaces can be used but do not be tempted to include them at the start and end of folder names. For instance if I create a sub folder 'Data Import Templates' in the parent folder 'Signals Screening MetaData' write the path simply as:

How it appears in Library Administration for comparison:






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