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December 31, 2020


Certain users have an issue with auto-logout in ChemBioOffice Enterprise.

When logging into the web interface it seems to work fine, however when using any function such as Browse or Search, the new popup window is opened, some time elapses (longer than usual) and then the pop-up window is closed.
Then, the second time the Browse button is pressed, immediate logout occurs.


1. Login as CBOE administrator, open "Manage users". Go to affected user, click edit, and write down user's roles to a temp text file. Exit from Edit mode.

2. Select user and delete this record.

3. Click to "Add user" and add the same user again, without roles.
You will see CBOE asking "User already exists in database. Would you like to Activate it?" - click Yes, it will refresh LDAP password for Oracle.

4. Click to "Edit" and add necessary roles to the user.

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