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March 03, 2021


While switching between WiFi and Ethernet and vice versa, I got the activation dialog for ChemDraw 19.1.1 and above. How do I fix this problem?


As of v17.0 the activation information not stored on the machine.

Also from v19.1.1, we use the mac id of the WiFi/Ethernet port as the Host ID. Since there is a variation of mac id (switching between WiFi and Ethernet), you will get the activation dialog even though the product is already activated using the other port (WiFi/Ethernet).

Please try the following steps to use v18.x Host ID as a workaround.
1. Close ChemDraw fully.
2. Browse to C:\ProgramData\PerkinElmerInformatics\FNE\ folder and delete the 17.0/18.0/19.0/20.0 folder (if it exists), but leave the Settings.ini file in place.

[If the C:\ProgramData folder is not visible, it needs to be made visible.
To make the \ProgramData directory visible:

Open Windows Explorer.
Select organize / folder and search options from the menu bar.
Select the View tab.
In Advanced setting / Hidden files and folders, select Show hidden file, folders, and drivers.
Click OK to save and close the window

View hidden files and folders in Windows 10

Open File Explorer from the taskbar.
Select View > Options > Change folder and search options.
Select the View tab and, in Advanced settings, select Show hidden files, folders, and drives and select OK.]

3. Right-click on your Windows Start button.
4. Then select "Run" and type cmd and click the OK button. It will open the Windows Command Prompt, type the following and click the Enter key.

wmic diskdrive get serialnumber

You will get the disk drive serial number as follows

XXXXXXXXXXXXXX (where X = A, B, ... Y, Z; 0, 1, ...9 or -)

5. Right-click on the Command Prompt window header to find the Edit menu to Mark.
6. Highlight the Serial Number value in the Command Prompt window.
7. Use the Edit menu again to Copy the serial number in the Command Prompt window.
8. In the C:\ProgramData\PerkinElmerInformatics\FNE\ folder, open the Settings.ini file, and paste in Host ID where required.
9. Save the Settings.ini file.
10. Close the Command Prompt window.
11. Run ChemDraw again.
12. When prompted, enter the activation details: name, email, activation code.

If you got the SerialNumber as Optane_0000, then follow the steps in the following FAQ:

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