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March 04, 2021


User name changed in Active Directory. What needs to be done in E-Notebook?


For example, user got married and the name changed from Erika Smith to Erika Johnes. In Active Directory, the account 'esmith' was changed to 'ejohnes'.

In E-Notebook, changes need to be made in a few places. First, change login ID from 'esmith' to 'ejohnes'. Then, change the displayed name from 'Erika Smith' to 'Erika Johnes'. Finally, if User Profile section is configured, change other user details there.


Please follow the steps described in our E-Notebook Administrator Guide -> E-Notebook Management -> Users -> Changing a User's Properties.

To change the login ID of a user:

1. In the Navigation Tree, highlight the user.
2. In the E-Notebook View ribbon, on the top of the window, click the Owner button. The User Info dialog box appears.
3. Edit the login ID and password as desired.

Alternatively, administrator can change the user's properties by right-clicking on the User collection and selecting User Info.


In the Navigation Tree, right-click on the user -> Rename (or F2).

C. CHANGE USER PROFILE (if configured)

1. In the Navigation Tree, highlight the user.
2. On the right side, click on the 'User Profile' tab (if it is configured).
3. Update the details as desired - user full name, email address, etc.

NOTE: Part A needs to be done by an administrator. Parts B and C can be done by the end user.

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