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July 28, 2021


I have the ChemACX Explorer add-in in my ChemDraw Professional for Mac. However, I don't find the ChemACX Explorer add-in on my ChemDraw Professional for Windows. How do I get this add-in in my Windows environment?


The ChemACX Explorer function is only available in our top level products:
ChemOffice + Cloud for Windows
ChemDraw Professional for Mac.

Hence, you have this function in your ChemDraw Professional for Mac while using the ChemDraw Professional activation code. If you want to use this function on your ChemDraw Professional for Windows application, then you will need to activate the product using a ChemOffice + Cloud license.

If you wish to upgrade your ChemDraw product to allow access to ChemACX, contact us at to submit a request through our Technical Support Team.

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