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February 22, 2019


I get the message "Reporting engine is heavily loaded. There are total of 'n' report (s) in print queue including this one, hence your report is added in report print queue.” When attempting to create report.


Initially perform the below general checks
• Try to open a file in MS access on the server to make sure MS Access is working fine
• Before generating the reports make sure only one msaccess.exe is running and 'End task' all the other ones.
• Restart the rpt.exe in services.msc to get rid of the existing reports pending in queue and try creating report again

If the above does not make a difference, navigate to the report 'print queue' mdb file reportqueue.mdb. This is usually in location C:\inetpub\wwwroot\ChemOffice\WebServer_Source\cfserverasp\RPT Open this in MS access and go to table tblReportQueue and delete the rows in this print queue that are unsuccessful. Once done, try creating report again.

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