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February 28, 2019


We cannot get Security or Audit Trail to Function With LimsLink 6.0, LimsLink when opened displays an error: "Audit Trail Error Unknown error" and "Security Error Unknown error".


Contact to get the .dll files and .bat file referred to below The following instructions are for iLAB and remote LimsLink clients where Security and AuditTrail is enabled. These dll's resolve an issue where the remote LimsLink client(s) cannot connect to the iLAB server, Security and Audit Trail APIs. LimsLink when opened displays an error: "Audit Trail Error Unknown error" and "Security Error Unknown error". Prerequisites LimsLink 6.0 is installed and iLAB hot-fix is applied. A) On the iLAB database you must edit the ilabsysinfo table one time only. Modify the following rows replacing . Security_URL : http:///SecurityWeb/api AuditTrail_URL : http:///AuditTrailService/auditapi B) On each remote LimsLink client register dll's using the Register_DLLs.bat file, below is how to use it: 1. Unzip the file attached "", and put the dll's in a directory named C:\temp 2. You can edit the batch file C:\temp\registered_dlls\Register_DLLs.bat to specify the directory where you put the dll's ***Please Note in the bat file the iLAB installation folder is hard-coded to the default path, if iLAB is installed in another folder NOT Default, please modify the bat file line to the correct directory: set "IlabInstallFolder=C:\Program Files (x86)\PerkinElmer\iLAB v6\Common Files" 3. Open a Command Prompt window and "Run as administrator", browse to the folder C:\temp\registered_dlls, and enter Register_DLLs.bat, and press Enter, the bat file will begin to execute. 4. Select "Y" to Overwrite, 8 files should be copied to C:\Program Files (x86)\PerkinElmer\iLAB v6\Common Files. 5. Click "Ok" to LabSecClient.dll succeeded and LabAuditClient.dll succeeded. 6. Press enter to continue..., and the update is completed. 7. Open LimsLink, if Security and Audit Trail is enabled in the LimsLink server setup, you should receive a dialog to enter your user name and password, login to see that LimsLink is functional.

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