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April 04, 2019


How to move users between user groups in ELN?


  1. Log into ELN as an administrator
  2. Browse to the 'User Group' collection. e.g. Everyone > Configuration > User > User Group
  3. Right click over 'User Group' and select 'Collection Type Configuration'
  4. Expand 'Contained Collection Types'
  5. Select 'Users'
  6. Check the box for 'Users can be Moved into User Groups'
  7. Check the box for 'Users can be Moved into User Groups from Different Collections'
  8. Expand 'Contained Reference Types'
  9. Select 'Users'
  10. Uncheck the box for 'References to Users can be Added into User Groups'
  11. Exit the configuration window
  12. Go to View > Refresh
  13. Browse to the user you wish to move and drag and drop it to the New User Group

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