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April 05, 2019


How to include the Audit Trail of an experiment in the rendered PDF?


  1. Log into ELN with an administrator user
  2. Browse to the Collection Type of the Experiment you wish to add the Audit Trail to e.g. Everyone > Configuration > Collection Types > Basic Experiment
  3. Right click on the experiment and select 'Collection Type Configuration'
  4. Browse to Form Tools > Export to PDF > Command listeners
  5. Click 'New Command Listener' and give the listener a meaningful name e.g. Audit Trail
  6. In the Implementation dropdown select 'ENRenderWord9.FullHistoryRenderer'
  7. Click 'Custom Properties' and Fill the rendering information:
    • Configuration Folder: Rendering Folder
    • Configuration Collection: History
    • Configuration Section: History
  8. Click 'OK'
  9. Exit the 'Collection Type Configuration' window
  10. Refresh All

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