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June 06, 2019


Important considerations to take in to account when upgrading to TIBCO Spotfire v10.3.x LTS


TIBCO Spotfire Analyst 10.3.1
TIBCO Spotfire Desktop 10.3.1
TIBCO Spotfire Server 10.3.1

IMPORTANT- Please note that 10.3.1 has considerable changes that will impact your environment if you are upgrading from a prior version of TIBCO Spotfire where you are using any of the following functionality:
• Data Functions
• TERR inline expressions
• TERR expression functions
• TERR v4.5 and older
• Open Source R
• Spotfire API’s

Data functions, TERR inline expressions and TERR expression functions (note: this new feature can be disabled):
• Spotfire 10.3 adds the trust mechanism to data functions, as well as improving it by introducing SHA-512 for calculating the trust stamp. This means that there are additional steps required during the upgrade to Spotfire 10.3, to make sure data functions continue to work as before. If you do not perform these steps you will receive error messages when using your Data Functions.
• Script and Data function trust in Spotfire 10.3 and later
• Guidelines on how to introduce the improved trust mechanism in Spotfire 10.3 (or higher) when upgrading

TERR and Open-Source R:
• TERR 5.0 is now released and included in Spotfire v10.3.x. Version 5.0 of TERR has been changed to be compatible with open-source R version 3.5.2. Note, changes for compatibility with open-source R 3.5.2 mean that packages compiled to work with R 3.4.4 or older no longer work with TERR 5.0.0 (or R 3.5.0). Thus, you must rebuild all packages built with an R version previous to version 3.5.0 that you intend to use with this version of TERR.
• What's New in TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR):
• TIBCO® Enterprise Runtime for R Release Notes:
• Which version of TIBCO Enterprise Runtime for R (TERR) is included with the version of your Spotfire installation:

API documentation:
• API Changes Between TIBCO Spotfire® 7.11 LTS and TIBCO Spotfire® 10.3 LTS


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