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June 11, 2019


Why do my Export jobs remain queued indefinitely?


If you notice that Columbus Export jobs are queued but not running, check the Job Status queue for the presence of an export job which is showing as 'Completed', but for which the 'Kill' button remains active. Occasionally we observe that if there is a prolonged network interrupt whilst an export is running then Columbus fails to correctly register the job completion and so that Export job remains in a perpetually active state. As the orphaned Export job is still considered active, it blocks any other export jobs from being processed due to the sequential nature of the Columbus job queue.

Despite the fact that the Export job remains active in the Job queue, the job will have completed successfully, therefore an immediate solution would be to simply click on the 'Kill' button for the stalled job. This will register the completion of the stalled job and thus allow any remaining queued export jobs to be processed. If however the queued Export jobs do not begin to process once the stalled job has been killed, it may be necessary to manually kill, and then resubmit, all queued Export jobs.

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