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June 27, 2019


Can we remove the older Oracle archive logs from E-Notebook database server?


The archive logs, together with the backups, are the base to be able to recover a database from a crash, corruption, or any other issue. They are very important, and should be maintained accordingly.

You can back up the archive logs, e.g. by copying them to another location, and then delete the older logs to keep enough space for the system to work normally.

The actual maintenance routine and its frequency depend on the customer's policy regarding backups. And example can be to generate a backup daily/weekly, and backup the archives every hour so that they are well protected. In case of a severe database issue, you can recover the backup from the day before, and apply the archives from that day, to restore the database up to the moment when the database crashed.

The storing policy can be to keep backups for a week/month, depending on how much space you have to store them. Usually, there is no need to keep the backups from distant time in the past.

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