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September 04, 2019


When you try to deploy the TIBCO Spotfire Analyst Client packages (Spotfire.Dxp.sdn) via Deployment & Packages section in the Spotfire administrator interface (see Adding software packages to a deployment area for more details) it may fail with the following error message:

ERROR 2019-07-25T13:49:36,479+0300 [xxxxxx.xxxxxx, #0, #529] Intercepted exception in request to /rest/deployment/addDistribution
com.spotfire.server.deployment.DeploymentException: invalid block type
    at ~[spotfire-server.jar:?]
    at ~[spotfire-common-services.jar:?]


You may see this "invalid block type" error if the downloaded file is corrupted. Download the Spotfire Analyst Client packages (Spotfire.Dxp.sdn) again from TIBCO Download site (found under the TIBCO Spotfire Server product here and try deploying to the TIBCO Spotfire Server again.

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