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June 17, 2010


In my Word document, the embedded ChemDraw structures are disappeared. Instead of ChemDraw structures, it shows {EMBED ChemDraw.Document.6.0}. How can i fix this issue?


For some reason, Word is not displaying the field codes in your document.

Hold down the ALT key and press the function key F9. If for any reason the ALT and F9 combination does not work, please retest the problem, after changing your Word setting by the following way.

For MS Word 2007:
1. Open MS Word 2007 and click on the Office Button.
2. Click on Word Options, when the new windows opens, click on Advanced.
3. Scroll down through the ‘Advanced Options’, until you come to the group Show document content.
4. Uncheck the box beside Show field codes instead of their values. Click on the OK button.

For MS Word 2003:
1. Open MS Word 2003 and select option from the Tools menu
2. Go to the View tab (it will normally display by default) and search for the “Field codes” check box in the Show group.
3. Now uncheck the checkbox for “Field codes” and click the OK button.

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