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September 06, 2011


Text fields are converted to date when exporting to Excel


Some text fields, e.g. that start with a number and contain '-' or '/', transfer to date format when doing export from BioAssay to Excel. So '1-2-3' and '4/5' from BioAssay appear to be transferred to '1/2/2003' and '5-Apr', respectively. Do not to use "Export to Excel" button in BioAssay: 1. In BioAssay table, select any data to be transferred to Excel. 2. Copy. 3. In Excel, select the columns that are supposed to be prevented from auto-conversion to date type, and set their type as text. 4. Paste data from BioAssay. Also, a prefix like 'CAS' could be added to the text field in BioAssay to prevent auto-conversion.

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