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June 05, 2012


I'm running ELN 11.0.4 patch 18. Is it possible to export to PDF multiple experiments at the same time?


Yes, it is possible. Here are the steps (for Chemistry Notebooks):

1- Login to ELN as an admin
2- Do a Browse all and go to Configuration->Collection Types
3- Right click Chemistry Notebook and select Collection Type Configuration
4- Select Commands and then click New Command
5- Name the command accordingly (Export to PDF or similar) and select AppendixRender9.ExportPDFCCommand in the Implementation list
6- Click Custom Properties. Add all the section types that are used in Chemistry Experiments (Set Rendered Section Types)
7- Configure each section type with its respective rendering template. Click OK
8- Expand the command you created and select Command Listeners
9- Click New Command Listener. Name the listener accordingly and select ENRenderWord9.ExportMultiplePdfAddin
10- Click Custom Properties and select Chemistry Notebook, Chemistry Experiment and any other experiment types that can be added to Chemistry Notebooks. Click OK
11- Close the configuration and Refresh the session (F5)
12- Browse to any Chemistry Notebook, right click and select Export to PDF. You should get a list to choose which experiments and sections you want to export.

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