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August 15, 2014


When starting LimsLink an error is displayed: License Error: Application is not available.


  • 1.Ensure the license is properly configured in the license server folder of the local client. Typically in the C:\Program Files (x86)\PerkinElmer\iLAB v5\License Server folder. Open the lmxconfigtool, and ensure that only one license server is running in the License Server Configuration tab
  • 2.Ensure the LimsLink application is licensed in the currently configured license file. In the lmxconfigtool, under the License Server Configuration tab, hit the View Log button in the bottom right corner. If the license is running, there should be a line near the very bottom that states what applications are licensed. For LimsLink, look for a row that states: LLPRO (v5.1) (10 license(s)) shared on: license type: exclusive
  • 3.If the license appears to be properly configured on the LimsLink client, but the error still exists, check the database to verify where LimsLink is configured to look for the license. In the iLab database, in the ilabsysinfo table, there’s a license_server row. It will either say localhost%6200, or a computer name%6200 (or some other port number). Localhost indicates that each LimsLink client is configured to look at its own license file, whereas a computer name means all clients are configured to look at that central PC for their license. Adjust if necessary.

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