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March 09, 2015


Can I use a barcode scanner to input data into GSLE?


Yes, GeneSifer Lab Edition can accept barcode scanner input into web form fields. For example workflow input data, or the order list jump-to field. The instructions below will describe what you need to do to get your bardcode scanner working well with GSLE web pages.

  1. Prerequisites
  2. These instructions assume you have a working barcode scanner (not provided by PerkinElmer). We have successfully tested models from Honeywell, Acan, and Symbols.

  3. Scanner Configuration
  4. We have found that most scanners by default will automatically append suffix characters to the end of every scan you perform. For example, you scanner may automatically submit a return (carriage return) at the end of every scan. Most web pages you fill out will interpret the return key as submitting a form and progessing to the next page. To work with GSLE you may want to change or disable this default functionlity of your scanner. Keep reading for some general instrucitons on how to do this.

    Find your barcode scanner's manual and look for a section on setup or programming. These usually contain a list of barcodes provided by your scanner's manufactuer. These special barcodes will modify the functionality of your barcode scanner. You want to find one that will either remove any termination/sufix characters from the end of a scan; or one that will submit a tab character at the end of every scan. These are the two most likely behaviors GSLE users will be interested in. For most scanners all you need to do is scan the provided barcode that corresponds to the functionlity you desire. That's it! You barcode scanner should now be ready to use with GSLE.

    If you find yourself scanning configuration barcodes frequently you may want to copy/print the barcodes of interest to you and tape them near areas you want to use them in.

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