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April 27, 2017


I am trying to push the ChemDraw software to lab machine using third party tool like Dell Kace. Is there an MSI for Chem Draw or any documentation (switches for silent install) you can point me to?


Basically we create an activation override for our site users, which allows overriding activation in our software on their lab machine. You can create an image of a machine (using our MSI based installers) with the override in place and distribute that image to the work stations or distribute just the registry change itself to workstations via an appropriate third party push technology

From version 12.0 all our desktop products installers are true .MSI installers by default. It's no longer necessary for you to request for separate installers.

Note that below uses ChemDraw Prime 16.0.x as an example. If you are using a different installer, you should substitute the corresponding installer name or MSI Installer

1. Select the ChemDraw Prime 16.0 installer (cdpm16.0.exe or cdpm16.0.1.exe) and right click. This will open the context menu.
2. Click on the "Run as Administrator" function. This will start the extraction and then it will open the "Installation Wizard" welcome screen.
3. Click on the "Explore this Disc" link. This will open the extracted file location. You will find the MSI Installer under PerkinElmer folder.

Please note that installing the product through MSI installer (using msiexec.exe) is beyond the level of normal support.

On Microsoft's web site, you can see a list of the switches that you can use with our MSI installer.

You have to provide the correct path for the MSI file in the elevated command prompt, also we recommend to transfer the PerkinElmer folder (which contain the PerkinElmer_ChemDraw_Prime_16.0.msi and other MSI files) from the extracted location (default is the temp folder) to your Desktop and try the installation or place the MSI file in a shared folder where you have full control and use the full path while using MSIEXEC.EXE.

Say if you have extracted ChemDraw Prime 16.0.x installer files on your Desktop; the PerkinElmer_ChemDraw_Prime_16.0.msi file present under PerkinElmer folder on your Desktop (i.e PerkinElmer\ChemOffice

Then try the following in the elevated command prompt.


"C:\Windows\System32\msiexec.exe" /i "C:\Users\User_Name\Desktop\PerkinElmer\ChemOffice\ PerkinElmer_ChemDraw_Prime_16.0.msi” /qb

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