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July 13, 2017


Data function returns the error "Could not execute function call. TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services returned an error: 'package or namespace load failed for 'packagename'."


The following is a list of commands to query the TIBCO Spotfire Statistics Services (TSSS) server to ensure it is functional. Validate if the search paths are set and verify if all the required packages are loadable. The results are useful for diagnosing why the package cannot be loaded, and can be sent to TIBCO Spotfire Support for investigation.

Diagnostic Test Commands: ◾Command to obtain version information for the TSSS instance's TERR, R or S+ statistical engine:

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=version

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=version

◾Command to verify TSSS is functional.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=sqrt(64)

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=sqrt(64)

◾Command to get the absolute file path to each package in the search list for the current environment.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=searchpaths()

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=searchpaths()

◾Command to list the names of the packages currently loaded or those that could be loaded.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=.packages(all.available=TRUE)

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=.packages(all.available=TRUE)

◾Command to display the installed version of a particular package.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=packageVersion("")

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=packageVersion("plyr")

◾Command to verify if a package is loadable.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=library()

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=library(plyr)

◾Command to get a character vector whose elements are the names of each package in the search list for the current environment.

Format: http:////api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=search()

Example: http://myTSSS.COM/SplusServer/api/v8/expression/eval?cmd=search()

To capture the execution and results of these queries, follow these steps.

1.Open a web browser.

2.For each of the test command URLs listed above, modify them to match your particular TSSS instance:

◾Replace with the server name of the TSSS instance to where the Spotfire data function's script is being sent.

◾Replace with the service name (as defined in the file) for the TSSS instance to where the Spotfire data function's script is being sent. This is case sensitive.

◾Replace with the name of the particular package you are unable to execute per the error message.

3.Paste the modified URLs into a web browser and execute them in the same order by pressing the key.

4.After each command has run, copy all of the results that are displayed in the web browser.

5.Paste these results into a text file.

6.Send the resulting text file to TIBCO Spotfire Technical Support via the service request.

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