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July 28, 2017


Do I need to reset the Auto Save value on a Notebook/Experiment after i move it to another container collection?


Yes! In order to have the correct Auto Save interval on the recently moved Notebook/Experiments you need to reset the Auto Save value of the container collection (example :Project folder). This affects E-notebook versions up to 12.1.10 Workflow 1. Review user Auto save value. 2. Create a new Notebook and experiment under user collection. 3. Review Notebook and experiment Auto Save value. 4. Create a new or use existing project folder. 5. Review project folder auto save value. 6. Move Notebook and experiment to project folder. 7. Review auto save value for both(at this point if a new experiment is created under the notebook the Auto Save interval will show no value "none") 8. Refresh (reset) the project folder's Auto save interval. (this will reset the auto save interval for all collections under the folder) 9. Create new Experiment under recently moved Notebook 10. Review newly created experiment auto save value. (the auto save value for the new crated collections after the reset should not be none)

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