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September 04, 2017


How can I directly link from ChemDraw into Sci-finder?. Is there an option to do so?


A new feature of ChemDraw Professional is the ability to directly link from ChemDraw into SciFinder. This new direct link will automatically copy and search the structure and/or reaction you have drawn in ChemDraw.

SciFinder at some universities or organizations are operated off of a proxy server. Therefore, you will need to manually tweak some settings to make the direct linking work with your Institutional Credentials.

1. Sign in to access SciFinderĀ® as you would normally when using your institution's proxy and go to a SciFinder Explore page.

2. Once viewing an Explore page, copy the SciFinder proxy access URL shown in the address bar. This URL contains the information we need to activate the Search SciFinder feature for you.

3. Return to ChemDraw and click on the Search SciFinder button to re-initiate your search.

4. Click on the Proxy Settings button to begin the one-time proxy connection set-up.

5. Paste the URL you copied or obtained in Step 2 and then click OK to finish.

6. Lastly, click OK in the Search SciFinder dialogue box to complete your search and you are on your way!

Note: Your Proxy Settings will be retained in ChemDraw for future use.

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