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September 24, 2017


Users don't like scrolling tables with multiple rows


Please refer to our E-Notebook Administrator's Guide -> E-Notebook Configuration -> Forms -> Resizing Boxes in a Form. Basically, the size of each box is configurable. When more rows are added and the table reaches the maximum allowed height of the box, the scrolling bar appears. So you can either increase the Maximum Height value, or just uncheck this parameter so that there is no restriction at all while the box gets dynamically resized to fit more content.

You may want to try how it works by creating a copy of your existing section type ("Everyone" -> "User" ->"Configuration" -> "Section Types" -> right-click on your section type -> "Export..." -> save as an XML file, then import this XML back ito E-Notebook under "Section Types"), and modifying the Maximum Height there.

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