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October 24, 2017


When I try to import an experiment I get the error stating that certain fields \ properties are not recognized.


First please make sure all the relevant fields \ properties are configured on the section. For this, go to the section type configuration, and compare the fields and properties against the experiment that you are trying to import.

If there are no differences between the two, and you still get the error – Make sure that the section type used in the experiment does not have a ‘duplicate’ section type with the same name in another configuration folder. It is not recommended to have multiple section types with the same name; ELN does not allow same named collections in the same folder but allows it in different folders in the hierarchy, however this is not recommended. Try to import the experiment after renaming one of the sections. Please make sure that the relevant sections are used in the experiment collection as well.

For Instance: If the experiment you are trying to import has a ‘Title’ section, and the error message states “Sorry, the field name ‘Metadata’ is not recognized in the section type ‘Title’”, make sure that the experiment you are trying to import has the field ‘Metadata’ and that the Title section has the field Metadata. If not, make changes as required. If the error persists, look for sections that are named ‘Title’. You would most likely find more than one, located in different configuration folders. Rename the ‘irrelevant’ Title section to ‘Title_1’, refresh all collections, and try to import.

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