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December 19, 2017


I’m unable to see my experiments when network is unavailable or disconnected (Offline mode)


First make sure you have an offline folder under your user collection. Also make sure the experiments you are working on are referenced in the offline folder, if not already available. (If configured, newly created experiments are automatically referenced in the offline folder, and user does not have to create it explicitly). If the experiments are still unavailable, you may configure E-Notebook such that users can work offline in a collection in E-Notebook and save or discard the changes they make to collections.

To access the System Configuration for Offline,
1. Right-click any blank area of the Collection Tree. A menu appears.
2. Select System Configuration.
3. Alternatively, click Tools from the menu bar at the top in the window and select System Configuration
4. The System Configuration dialog appears.
5. Click the last tab Settings in the System Configuration Dialog
6. Click the checkbox "Work Offline While Connected to the Network" if you want to allow users to work offline.

Therefore, checkbox "Work Offline While Connected to the Network" can also be used to prevent users from working offline if a network connection is sensed. So, if the checkbox is blank, a user will not be able to go offline, and will not be able to login in Offline mode.
7. Click the second checkbox “Discard Changes Made During Synchronization” if you want the 'Discard Changes' button to be available to the user in the Synchronization Dialog box while synchronizing the contents of a collection that has changed offline.

Please note that the configuration has to be done an ELN admin, and the offline feature is not individually configurable - meaning that it is available to all users or no users depending on whether it is on or off.

You have to be an administrative user to make the above mentioned changes

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