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January 25, 2018


Microsoft Word 2016 on Mac breaks copy and paste of structures in ChemDraw.


A recent update in Microsoft Office 2016 for Mac (16.9 released on January 16th 2016) has broken the round trip editing for ChemDraw. Copying and pasting structures from ChemDraw into Word, and then copying and pasting back into ChemDraw results in only the image being pasted back into Word.
This is due to Microsoft Office converting the PDF format placed into the clipboard into an EMF format image; thereby losing additional structure information required for round trip editing between the two software applications. This occurs regardless of which version of ChemDraw is being used, and which version of MacOS is employed.
PerkinElmer is working with Microsoft to resolve the problem, as this will require a Microsoft patch to fix. Once an update is available, it will be added to this tech note and announced in our Support News Feed.

Update: Round-trip editing with MS Word 2016 works after updating to version 16.11.1 (180319). Unfortunately, Microsoft addressed this issue on Word only. This is not fixed for Excel nor PowerPoint at this time.
We are still working with Microsoft in order to have this solution implemented for remaining two applications.

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