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January 29, 2018


Export to Word/Print only shows the first page of any PDF section rendered in E-Notebook 2014


It is a limitation for Client machines with Adobe Reader. While doing Export to Word, PDF section is inserted as an OLE object into the Word document, and you can see only the first page. But it is possible to double click on the first page, and the PDF will open in external Reader application. This word document can be transferred to another machine (even without E-Notebook), and the OLE object will still be accessible using the double click.

If you want all pages of PDF sections to be included into the rendering output, you need to use a Client machine with Acrobat.

If there is no Adobe software (Acrobat or Reader) on a Client machine, then "Export to Word"/"Print"'/"Export to PDF" output will only show icon instead of PDF section content. In case of "Export to Word", this icon is still clickable, and on a different machine with Reader/Acrobat it will open an external Adobe application to display the entire PDF section.

However, it is a very rare scenario to not have Reader/Acrobat at all. Most Clients do have either Reader or Acrobat as prerequisites, to be able to see PDF sections in E-Notebook.

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