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January 08, 2019


I am recently back from long leave and trying to connect to my E-Notebook account. It keeps on trying to update the collections but gives up before finishing and gives me a "System.OutOfMemory" exception.


Looks like your ELN Offline profile folder must have lots of data that is trying to sync into the DB and because of its huge data its throwing "System.OutOfMemory" exception.

1) If you worked on ELN in Offline mode and have add data to the current or new sections?
1.1) login into an ELN admin account and navigate to your profile > Offline folder and delete the unwanted sections/experiment?
2) If you do not have any data that needs to be sync to the Database, Try login into ELN admin account and deleted/empty the Offline folder.
2.1) Also try deleting the "2.0" folder from c:/user/../appdata/ - which will also ask you to reinstall the ELN client on your machine (so kindly be prepared to reinstall the application)

If the above suggestion do not work kindly contact our customer support at "" and we can assist you better.

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