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January 08, 2019


We have issues with display of elements and text in E-Notebook. Some fields look corrupted and blink. What can we do?


Try the following: Option 1: 1. Open PC / Notebook screen properties 2. Check screen scaling 3. If screen scaling is no 100%, make it 100% and save. 4. Restart PC / Notebook , open E-Notebook again and check. Option 2: If you work with several screens ( PC and laptop ) , check there is same scaling used. EXPLANATION:   - Related kind of issues ( with display of some components/text) started to appear for High resolution screen and Windows 10.   - The real problem is not the resolution itself, but DPI settings. DPI was used to be fixed at 96. However, with the modern display with high-density pixel display, it needed to be adjustable. That's where problem starts happening. Some (WPF controls) honor this setting, and others (WinForms) don't, for instance. ELN is not DPI-aware as for now, but work on options for possible improvements in this area.   - So for now, if possible we would recommend to use workaround with scaling = 100%. - Also, if you have several monitors, use same scaling/resolution. 

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