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October 29, 2008


When I try to run a MOPAC minimization, I get the following error: output file doesn't exist! error: Cannot locate output file!


You need to update your MOPAC application.

1) Run Chem3D
2) Select the Menu option: Calculations / Mopac Interface / Check for Update This option will indicate that an update is available and open a browser, on the Chem3D / MOPAC 2007 update page:
On this page there is a link to a zip file containing the newest available mopac2007ultra.exe.
i) Click on "Download MOPAC2007 for use with Chem3D" and download the .zip file
ii) Extract mopac2007ultra.exe from the .zip file into: For v11: C:/Program Files/CambridgeSoft/ChemOffice2008/Common/COEA

Now retest.

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