E-Notebook Oracle Enterprise 2014 Release 5.1

October 27, 2015

We are pleased to announce E-Notebook 2014 Release 5.1, the latest version of the market leader in electronic laboratory notebooks. With this update, PerkinElmer provides several fixes.

The key highlights of this release include:
• Features included:
o Office 365 qualification (English & Japanese)
o Windows Server 2012 R2 qualification (English & Japanese)
o .Net Framework 4.5.2 qualification
o CDAX Const. 14.0.0124 qualification
o BioVia 4.2 qualification
o iTextSharp 5.5.6 qualification
o E-Notebook 13.7.x SDK is included
o Integration with CBOE 12.6.2
o Feature-wise installer allowing selecting/deselecting the features to be installed

• Fixes for significant defects:
o RDLIMS (improvements)
o BioAssay
o Formulations
o Important issues reported by customers and internal QA were addressed

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in upgrading.

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