E-Notebook Point Fix 2 2014 R7 (13.7)

March 03, 2017

We are pleased to inform you of E-Notebook Point Fix 2 2014 R7 (13.7), the latest version of the market leader in electronic laboratory notebooks. This point-fix is to be installed on top of existing installations of E-Notebook Point Fix 2 2014 R7 (13.7). With this update, PerkinElmer provides several fixes.

  • Here are the highlights and fixes:

    • Better 3rd party interactions with MS Excel, Accelrys Draw and Adobe PDF
    • Registry and E-Notebook integration enhancements
    • Updates to Product Table of Contents
    • Sign and Close updates for both Standard and Simple E-Signature
    • Bioassay Migration improvements
    • important issues reported by customers and internal QA were addressed

      We highly recommend installing this point-fix on any E-Notebook 2014 R5 Installations.

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