iLAB HotFix Released

May 31, 2017

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the newest release of the iLAB™ informatics platform, a suite of integrated solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of QA/QC laboratories.

The iLAB solution provides a unique web based platform where data is seamlessly transferred across applications, processes are automated, controlled and documented in real time and results are reported as soon as they are available.

iLAB v5.2.2.14 addresses the following LES issues:

  • Out-Of-Memory issue.
  • STI Control runs slowly on Oracle with many samples.
  • Runtime list view takes longer than the associated database query.
  • Finished Worksheets seen in database without matching Finished Date.
  • E-sig credentials can be entered after doing Page Checkin.
  • STI control should only fire for an initialized or incomplete worksheet.
  • ST and LES run lists are slow to display.
  • User is not prompted for a changes reason if a new image with the same name is replaced in a image control.
  • Getting System Property WorkSheetID in a control called WorkSheetID causes a double entry in history table.
  • Simple formulas returning incorrect values.
  • Finished screen time filter not working correctly.

    Audit Trail Viewer issues addressed:

  • Audit trail does not record locked out user.

    Inventory Manager issues addressed:

  • Applying multiple filters cause other filters to be blanked out.
  • Fix performance issue.

    Sample Tracker issues addressed:

  • Time out issue.
  • Sample template report tab options not working.
  • SDK function needed to clean runtime users assigned to samples and test templates.
  • Specifications for Test are not always saved in the Sample Template.

    iLAB Hotfix v5.2.2.14 is now available through the PerkinElmer Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PE Support:

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