Release Announcement - ChemBioOffice Enterprise (CBOE) 17.1

November 29, 2017

We are pleased to announce ChemBioOffice Enterprise 17.1 (CBOE), a new release of PerkinElmer’s suite of applications for managing substances. CBOE 17.1 can be used with PerkinElmer’s flagship E-Notebook 17.1 software or as a free standing installation.

ChemBioOffice Enterprise 17.1 focuses mainly on compatibility and performance enhancements. This release includes significant performance and usability improvements to the Registration and Inventory, as well as a series of fixes to reported issues.

This release provides Support for:

• Oracle Database
• CDAX 17.0
• Oracle Cartridge 15.1
• CBOE Integration with E-Notebook 17.1
• Windows 10/IE11
• Windows 2016
• Linux 7.3
• Critical customer bug fixes
• .NET Framework 4.6.1
• .NET Framework 4.6.2
• CBOE 17.1 provides integration with E-Notebook 17.1
• Performance improvement in important Registration workflow with RLS -ON settings

Please contact your Account Manager to upgrade.

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