Tibco Spotfire Long Term Support Releases

March 13, 2018

TIBCO Spotfire® 7.11 LTS was the first version of the software to be designated a long-term support (LTS) version. LTS versions differ in several important ways from mainstream (non-LTS) versions of Spotfire®.

The following table highlights the differences.

Note: In accordance with the TIBCO Spotfire support policy, stating that a version is supported means that users of this version can open support cases and ask questions. It also means that, when appropriate, fixes to reported issues will be provided, either in the next version of the product or through a hotfix or service pack.

Mainstream versions of Spotfire LTS versions of Spotfire
A new mainstream version is released approximately every 3 months. Users who upgrade regularly always have access to the latest Spotfire features. A new version with the LTS designation is released approximately every 18 - 24 months. Therefore customers who choose to run only LTS versions will not always have the latest Spotfire features. Note: It is possible to upgrade, at any time, from an LTS version to a mainstream version.
Mainstream versions continue to be supported for at least one year after the next version (whether LTS or mainstream) becomes available. Mainstream versions are typically supported for up to 15 months from release LTS versions continue to be supported for at least one year after the next LTS version becomes available. LTS versions are typically supported for up to 36 months from release.
Extended support is not available. Extended support for an LTS version may be purchased to prolong access to Spotfire Support.
Critical fixes to mainstream versions are usually delivered in the most current version. Critical fixes to LTS versions are supplied as hotfixes or service packs.

For customers that upgrade regularly so that users have the latest Spotfire features and improvements, it will not matter much whether a new version is LTS. The upgrade process is the same, and they can upgrade to a subsequent, non-LTS version, as they see fit. Other organizations, primarily OEMs (and potentially regulated industries such as healthcare) may choose to install only LTS versions.

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