Release Announcement - ChemDraw JS v17.1

April 04, 2018

ChemDraw JS v17.1 Release

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the release of the new enhanced ChemDraw JS offering, allowing research IT organizations to embed ChemDraw into their custom web applications. ChemDraw JS carries the core functionality of the ChemDraw family including customer’s favourite drawing capabilities, advanced Name-to-Structure, Structure-to-Name, Hotkeys/Shortcuts, Templates and Query Tools. In this latest release, the following enhancements have been made available:

  • Rebranding: ChemDraw Direct has been renamed to ChemDraw® JS. The last released version of ChemDraw Direct is ChemDraw Direct 2.0
  • Round-trip Editing: ChemDraw® JS 17.1 has been enhanced to provide users with the ability to transfer drawings between ChemDraw® JS and Microsoft Applications seamlessly. With the ChemDraw Web Clipboard enabled, you can copy your drawings from the ChemDraw® JS canvas, paste them into Microsoft Office documents. On Windows, the pasted structures can be opened and edited in ChemDraw Desktop if it is installed. It is also now possible to copy images from ChemDraw JS 17.1 into Microsoft Office documents and back into the ChemDraw JS canvas.
  • Compounds Exact Mass calculation: Exact mass can now be calculated when drawing a structure as a Chemical or in a reaction scheme.
  • New API: getB64CDX(): Introduced a new API to fetch the CDX base64 string representing the current drawing.
  • Updated API: getProperties(): Enhanced the capabilities of the current getProperties() API to fetch properties of the current drawing.
  • License: With ChemDraw® JS 17.1, a valid license file is required to initialize a ChemDraw® JS instance. A license can be loaded into ChemDraw® JS by either a URL to a valid license file which can be accessed by ChemDraw® JS library or the license content in plain text format.
  • New Platform Support
  • Availability: ChemDraw® JS 17.1 for internal development is now available through a ChemOffice Professional Site Subscription.

    For any question regarding ChemDraw® JS 17.1, please contact the Informatics Support organization ( Please get in touch with your Account Manager or access the below ChemDraw product page if you are interested in purchasing.

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