Old Support Tickets

May 21, 2018

Over two years ago, PerkinElmer Informatics moved to a new support ticketing system. Tickets from our old system are accessible from our Support Portal. The database holding the tickets from our old Support ticketing system is being retired, so those old tickets will no longer be accessible from our Support Portal. If you would like to retain any of the information from the old tickets (the ones prefixed with "CAS"), we recommend you log into the portal, browse to your old tickets, and copy and paste the most recent email from that case to a local file. The most recent email in the case should contain the entire thread from the case. The old tickets will be available for 2 weeks from today. The old database will be shut down on June 4, 2018. We will not be able to retrieve data on old tickets, once the database is retired. Please contact Support if you have any concerns.

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