Release Announcement - E-Notebook Release 18.1

December 20, 2018

PerkinElmer Informatics is delighted to announce the general release of E Notebook 18.1. This release includes extensive compatibility with newer versions of dependent software such as Windows Operating Systems, Microsoft Office, Oracle, Adobe, etc. Also, this release supports Federal Information Protection Standard (FIPS) compliant algorithms and the latest version of TLS as well as major enhancements to core and Add-in Modules. Please note that this version of E-Notebook integrates with the newer version of PKI Substance Management Suite: CBOE 18.1.

Note for existing installations: It is important to know that applying E-Notebook 18.1 to existing installations of E-Notebook 2014.x and 17.x is an upgrade, NOT a migration.

E-Notebook 18.1 new Features include:

  • Support for Oracle 12.2
  • CBOE 18.1 Integration
  • Support for CDAX 18.0
  • CSCartridge 15.1.2*
  • Support for BIOVIA Draw 2018 HF1 (32 Bit and 64 Bit versions)
  • Support for latest patches of Adobe Acrobat DC (Classic and Continuous tracks)
  • Support for Adobe Acrobat 2017
  • Support for Graph Pad Prism 7.0.5
  • Support for latest Reaxys Website
  • Support for Windows 10 Updates
  • Support for .Net Framework 4.7.2
  • Support for FIPs compliant algorithms
  • Support for TLS 1.2
  • Improvements to Core
  • Improvements to Structured Data
  • Improvements to RDLIMS
  • Improvements to Formulations
  • Full Installer that can be independently run or run as an Upgrade Installer
  • Fixed QA and customer reported Issues
Note: *CSCartridge 15.1.2 is required only for Oracle 12.2 with Windows Database Operating Systems.

E-Notebook 18.1 Features which are no longer supported:

  • Adobe 11

Product Compatibility This application requires an installation of the PerkinElmer Oracle Cartridge 15.1 or 15.1.2.

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in upgrading.

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