Release Announcement - ChemBioOffice Enterprise Release 18.1

December 20, 2018

PerkinElmer Informatics is delighted to announce the general release of ChemBioOffice Enterprise (CBOE) 18.1. This release provides Google Chrome Browser support to CBOE modules like Inventory and ChemACX. CBOE 18.1 also provides Web Registration Integration with Inventory using Chrome. In addition to the added functionality, this release provides updated qualifications and fixes to COERegistration, Inventory, Security, and DataLoader.

The highlights are:

  • Google Chrome Browser Support
  • Web Registration-Inventory Integration with Google Chrome Browser
  • Integration with E-Notebook 18.1
  • Oracle Cartridge 15.1.2*
  • CDAX 18.0
  • ChemOffice Professional 18.0
  • ChemDraw Java Script (CDJS) 18.0
  • .NET Framework 4.7.2
  • Latest Patches of Adobe DC Acrobat and Reader
  • Oracle 12.2
  • Upgrades from CBOE 12.6.3PF1, CBOE 17.1 and CBOE 17.1.1 to CBOE 18
  • Customer Reported Issues
* Note: *Oracle Cartridge 15.1.2 is required only for Oracle 12.2 with Windows Database Operating Systems.

Product Compatibility This release is applicable for new CBOE 18.1 customers and existing customers who have 12.6.3 PF1, CBOE 17.1 and CBOE 17.1.1 installed.

This application requires an installation of the PerkinElmer Oracle Cartridge 15.1 at the minimum with Oracle Cartridge 15.1.2 supporting Oracle v.12.2

Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in upgrading.

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