iLAB HotFix v6.0.0.2 Released

December 25, 2018

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the newest release of the iLAB™ informatics platform, a suite of integrated solutions to meet the specific needs and challenges of QA/QC laboratories.
The iLAB solution provides a unique web based platform where data is seamlessly transferred across applications, processes are automated, controlled and documented in real time and results are reported as soon as they are available.
iLAB v6.0.0.2 addresses the following LES issues:
Moving an image control prevents the form from being saved.
No means to determine if a database control was activated.
When LES worksheet is Retired in Approve node, it also can be Rejected or Approved in Approve node.
Only first database control not firing on post initial form open.
Performance - Finished screen won't load records older than the last 7 days or more.
Issue utilizing Google Chrome and Electronic Signatures when retiring worksheets.
If processing a Null string the database integration control should do nothing.
Sample Tracker issues addressed:
Default test approval permissions are not passed down to the LES worksheet.
Performance - Finished not loading.
Inventory Manager issues addressed:
Error when adding a batch of containers using a blank item ID.
Item Edit screen does not truncate the location according to the users base location setting.
Issue utilizing Google Chrome and Electronic Signatures when Approve/Reject/Dispose/Retire/Unretire in Inventory Manager.
Audit Trail Viewer issues addressed:
Audit Trail viewer does not register Electronic Signature.
Audit Trail should contain details of Custom Reports being Generated.
Closing of LES Worksheets should be Audited.
LimsLink issues addressed:
Within the LimsLink Server setup there is still a button for the License Server Setup.
Interop.LabtronicsLMXLocalLib has not been removed from the SAP Connector and probably the SDMS Connector.
Security Web Service can be changed and saved to something incorrect in LimsLink.
Audit Trail Web Service can be changed and saved to something incorrect in LimsLink.
Database Configuration issues addressed:
Database connection strings cannot be changed.

iLAB Hotfix v6.0.0.2 is now available through the PerkinElmer Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PE Support:

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