Release Announcement - ChemOffice and ChemDraw v18.1

April 08, 2019

Release Announcement - ChemOffice and ChemDraw version 18.1 PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the release of the newly enhanced ChemDraw/ChemOffice 18.1 product offering, providing chemists and biologists with a unique and powerful collection of scientifically intelligent personal productivity tools. ChemDraw/ChemOffice 18.1 contains all the same rich and chemically aware features and functionality that ChemDraw is known for as well as the following new capabilities:

  • Integration with Elsevier® Reaxys® – a global leader in chemical information search. The partnership offers two benefits: the first, the availability of ChemDraw JS as a drawing editor on the Reaxys website (effective June 2018), and the second, a new search integration from ChemDraw into Reaxys, similar to the “Search into SciFinder” capability (originally introduced back in ChemDraw version 14).If your company or institution has a dedicated instance of Reaxys you can also direct the searches directly through a proxy option.

  • On the theme of integrations, ChemDraw and ChemOffice 18.1 go beyond chemical drawing and bring new, time-saving capabilities to users in the form of the ChemACX Explorer Add-in, delivered through the flexible architecture of ChemOffice. As a new improvement, remotely hosted add-ins can be dynamically downloaded to enable a controlled access to new, custom features inside ChemDraw.

  • Hierarchical Editing Language for Macromolecules (HELM) improvements: ChemDraw is compatible with the latest version of the industry standard for the representation of complex biopolymers (peptides, nucleic acids, antibody-drug conjugates etc.). After implementing a new HELM toolbar in ChemDraw 17.0, a HELM library management capability is now available to browse, curate, copy and access common, corporate libraries. The latest design of the HELM toolbar is now more compact, allows for better visibility and an enhanced user experience.

    Product Compatibility

    ChemDraw / ChemOffice 18.1 is qualified against the following:

    • Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    • Windows 10 (64-bit) including Creators Update (on Windows 10, IE 11 is supported, and no support for Microsoft Edge browser)
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Mac OS X 10.13.6 (High Sierra) and 10.14.3 (Mojave) - (for ChemDraw only)
    • Adobe Acrobat 11

    ChemDraw/ChemOffice 18.1 is now available through the PerkinElmer Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PerkinElmer Support to assist you with sign-up. Please contact your Account Manager or click the ChemDraw Product Page if you are interested in purchasing.

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