Sunset Notice -

October 08, 2019

As per the PerkinElmer Informatics Product Life Cycle, online access to ChemACX data via the website has entered the Sunset phase, effective immediately. The website will reach End of Life on January 1st 2020. The same content will continue to be available via the ACX Explorer panel available in Signals Notebook Standard, or via the ChemOffice ChemACX add-in. Online access to the ChemACX content via these new user interfaces offers greatly improved performance, accuracy and usability. Existing subscribers to, who don’t already have a ChemOffice or Signals Notebook license may contact PerkinElmer Sales for options to upgrade and/or transition their existing ChemACX subscription onto the new platforms.

This announcement is limited to delivery of ChemACX data via the web site. This change does not affect ChemACX subscribers who download the ChemACX data as an Oracle dump or sd-file for on-premises deployment within E-Notebook or ChemBioOffice Enterprise products. Similarly, this change will not affect online menus in ChemDraw or ChemOffice applications that integrate with the ChemACX online content.

The sunset phase for subscriptions will end on January 1st 2020. Limited support for this product to each Customer with an active subscription will be provided until that date. Once the EOL date is reached, PerkinElmer will no longer provide support for the subscription, and access to the web site will cease. The purpose of this notification is to officially communicate this policy and request that you upgrade, as soon as possible, to a ChemOffice or Signals Notebook subscription.

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