Release Announcement – PerkinElmer Signals™ Translational 2.6

June 16, 2020

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce a new release of Signals Translational considerably enhancing the creation of cohorts of patients for more flexible patients’ stratification, including a PCA/BiPlot App better integrated with native Spotfire functionalities like filtering and allowing to manage and report External data sources (e.g. The Cancer Gene Atlas - TCGA) versions. Importantly, for new end users, the experience of managing TERR and R Apps dependencies has been automated and greatly simplified for Spotfire Analyst users. Finally, the Signals Translational Data Factory adds major capabilities including enhanced retention policy, complete export functionality and SQL data sources compatibility.

The following existing Signals Translational issues were fixed in this release (note that the Entity Group issues were introduced in 2.6 by this novel functionality):

Backward Compatibility

o STL-848 Backward Compatibility problem
o STL-909 Backward compatibility problem: Error opening 2.5 dxps

Batch Effect

o STL-996 Open an existing dxp with a Batch Effect execution is crashing Web Player

Entity Groups

o STL-863 Cohorts panel appears empty
o STL-864 Entity Groups appears empty in a template
o STL-914 Unable to create Tag Collection using Entity Groups
o STL-929 An entity group cannot be properly configured if it has been previously configured with an App result
o STL-939 The “new group” for doesn´t show up the already created groups as option when “Groups combination” is checked
o STL-940 The “Subjects” entity appears is duplicated in the Groups tool every time an item from other entity is deleted
o STL-979 Error deleting entity in Web Player
o STL-1000 Unexpected error creating Tag Collection on a table not related to the any of the entity definition
o STL-1001 Entity Groups appears empty in new tabs after open it in an App
o STL-1002 Uncontrolled error when a group used in aa combination group is deleted
o STL-1003 Entity Groups appears empty in new tabs when it is opened before the entities are loaded
o STL-1013 Error when adding a Tag Collection with no active visualization
o STL-1014 Empty Entity Groups when saving, closing and reopening a DXP after adding Tag Collection


o STL-910 SwitchVisualizationGroups disappears after re-opening dxp
o STL-948 Unable to use a 2.5 mapping in the apps with new names
o STL-959 Tibco Spotffire Web Player crashes when you try to import a given mapping
o STL-993 Error when installing R/TERR paclages with the App dependency manager
o STL-994 Wrong engine is missing R/TERR packages in the App dependency manager
o STL-995 App dependency manager shows local environment with Tibco Spotfire configured to work with TSSS
o STL-997 Wrong Apps names in the App dependency manager


o STL-827 Error executing Translational LME app
o STL-924 Protocol is duplicating namespace in Categorical Survival and LME

Omics Data Summary App

o STL-917 DataReport error after install R and TERR dependencies with the script


o STL-938 No Data Model parameters are selected in Principal Component Analysis
o STL-975 Tooltips are the same for PCA settings components
o STL-1015 Tables from PCA results cannot be added to the definition of a custom entity

Subject Summary App

o STL-826 – Error executing Translational Subject Summary Report app


o STL-955 R library DMwR required for Omics Data App cannot be installed from CRAN for R 3.5.1 and R 3.5.2 (Tibco 7.11 and 10.3)

The analytics Apps of Signals Translational Professional are available through the PerkinElmer Operations Download Center. If you do not have access to the Download Center, contact PerkinElmer Support to assist you with sign-up. Please contact your Account Manager if you are interested in purchasing.

Signals Translational

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