Release Announcement - ChemDraw / ChemOffice+ Cloud v20.0

November 10, 2020

PerkinElmer Informatics is pleased to announce the release of ChemDraw and ChemOffice+ Cloud (formerly ChemOffice Professional) version 20.0, the Research Suite designed to help researchers bring their chemistry to life and quickly turn it into actionable chemical knowledge. Version 20.0 comes with several chemistry-improving capabilities as well as a brand new Cloud Application: ChemOffice+, designed to accelerate the Chemistry communication process. Here are some of the highlights of version 20.0:

New hotkeys: A new Molecule hotkey “Enter” is available to switch from a selected molecule to hotspot molecule editing. “k” now creates a sulfone group, “Shift+k” on primary carbon gives a tert-butyl group with 90° angles and on secondary carbons a wedged/hashed-wedged gem-dimethyl group. “Shift+o” creates a “OMe” group, and “Shift+e” a “CO2Me”. Upon 1st launch of ChemDraw 20.0, a comprehensive hotkey cheat sheet will be presented to the user.

Atom/Bond highlighting: Complementary to the version 19.0 Ring Fill coloring, atoms, labels and bonds can highlighted with a specific color to facilitate communication and audience focus.

3D Clean-up and Structure Perspective: A new 3D clean-up function will generate 3D confirmations of structures from 2D representations, to generate realistic 3D renderings in just a few clicks

ChemOffice+: The new Cloud application designed to facilitate the communication of Chemistry. ChemOffice+ lets you browse, extract and re-use ChemDraw documents embedded inside MS Office documents. Create lists of compounds, edit chemical structures and annotate them easily. Export collections as Powerpoint Slides in one click or as an SD File.

Google Patents Add-in: Select molecules and get immediate insight into their potential applications. The Google Patents add-in will initiate an exact or substructure search into Google Patents and/or Google Scholar.

Recent versions include:

  • New coloring options – ChemDraw now offers the unique possibility to add color inside any carbon cycle, thus enabling clearer communication of ideas and concepts by directing the focus of a reader or an audience to a given part of a chemical structure.
  • Enumeration to SD File – When enumerating generic structures to create chemical libraries, the previously existing upper limit of 500 structures has been removed through the possibility to enumerate a generic structure directly to an SD File without an upper limit for the number of structures generated.
  • PubChem Safety GHS Add-in: ChemOffice users can now select a chemical structure or a chemical name in ChemDraw and retrieve GHS information (pictograms, H and P phrases) coming from the PubChem Laboratory Chemical Safety Sheet (LCSS). H and P phrases from multiple regulatory agency sources can be conveniently copied to the clipboard.
  • New polymer brackets: It is now possible to define an Average Molecular Weight values for a chemical structure between brackets for easier stoichiometry calculations.
  • ChemDraw Add-ins now support integrations with applications and services that require token-based authentication.
  • Product Compatibility
    ChemDraw / ChemOffice 19.1.1 is qualified against the following:

    • Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate (32-bit and 64-bit)
    • Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    • Windows 10 (64-bit)
    • Microsoft Office 2016
    • Microsoft Office 2019
    • Microsoft Office 365
    • Mac OS X 10.13 (High Sierra)
    • Mac OS X 10.14 (Mojave)
    • Mac OS X 10.15 (Catalina)
    • Mac OS X 11 Beta (Big Sur)
    • Adobe Acrobat 11

    Click on the following links to view short videos highlighting: All Current Tips & Tricks in ChemDraw.

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